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Pettersen & Hein is the Copenhagen-based studio of Danish furniture designer Lea Hein and Norwegian artist Magnus Pettersen. In the true spirit of collaborative work, their joint practice is concerned with breaking down the boundaries between their two respective disciplines.

Since 2015 they have collaborated to create works in the cross field between art and design. Often Pettersen & Hein experiment with raw industrial materials like concrete and metal shaped into simple geometrical forms.  Some objects invite for different ways of living and using a space by paying homage to materials, color and form rather than functional use, thereby taking on a clear unique, bold position, the end-result often being intriguing and extraordinary.  Their concrete cast work is deliberately sculptural and formally beautiful. In making pieces that are also functional — be it as lamps, seats, planters, or stools - they offer a blurring of genres.

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