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This project started as a research on how to make a vase disappear, and is based on the way a chicken waterer works. A water container is placed upside down on a plate. The flowers are placed around the water container so that it seems as if they are growing directly from the plate from which they get their water. A framework keeps the flowers standing upright.  Consisting of a stoneware or glass tray, a bottle in colored glass and united by a custom-made stainless steel frame in two heights and five different colors.


Produced by Valerie Objects and Chris Kabel . Valerie Object's mission consists of allowing extraordinary designers and artists to translate their signature style into tangible objects, in order to reinstall an aesthetic meaning to the tools and objects we use every day. In short: give daily objects their beauty back.  Chris Kabel combines an interest in hardcore science with an intuitive, artistic approach to design everyday objects. 


  • Materials / Dimensions:

    • Borosilicaatglas
    • H 31cm / W 29cm  / L 29cm


    • VALERIE OBJECTS, Chris Kabel
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